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Links to some helpful

  GS-4 Alcohol Fired Instruction Manual (Follow page numbers)
GS-4 Butane Fired Instruction Manual (Follow page numbers)
C-19 Electric Instruction Manual
K-28 Electric Instruction Manual
C-21 Live Steam Instruction Manual
Ruby Instruction Manual
C-16 Live Steam Instruction Manual
GS-4 Daylight Instruction Manual
K-27 Live Steam Instruction Manual
C-21 Electric Instruction Manual
Heisler #2Electric Instruction Manual
1.01 � RGS Goose 2 Electrical Pickup
1.03 � K27 Snow Plow Installation
2.01� Ruby Valve Adjustment
2.01 � Blocked Gas Jet

Accucraft Trains was incorporated in 1994 with a belief that superb railroad models should be based on stringent design principles, precision manufacturing and uncompromised reliability.   Furthermore, we feel that every model we deliver should evoke a sense of pride in the heritage of the American railroad. Therefore, all models are designed and built to exacting standards from carefully researched plans and prototype measurements.    Every effort is made to assure quality of each part.  Accucraft Trains guarantees customer satisfaction. All our trains come with a manufacture warrantee.
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